Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Blender 2.59 Splash Screen Selection

Ben, Hjalti, and I have almost come to a conclusion, well, a top two from the huge amount of selection. And did I mention we've had couple of headaches? Man it was very very difficult to choose and decide which ones go in and out and why.

Anyhow, we're happy that it now comes down to two choices, much easier (or not) to choose now than before.

I'll keep you guys posted which one we declare the winner of the Blender 2.59 Splash Screen Contest.




oenvoyage said...

Hey Reynante :-)
I checked them and saw 4 designs that pop out of the lot, I hope the winner will be in this selection :)

reynante said...

I hope majority of the users would appreciate our choice. It was very very tough to decide which one would go in. ;)