Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Unlimited Detail Real-Time Rendering

During the past months, I came across this interesting technology which presented unlimited detail on polygons for real-time viewing, just like you would in games.  All I thought, this technology naturally died due to the long absence.  But just recently, the same group which presented the mind-boggling tech has returned with some announcements.  I really couldn't tell how this would go, but see it for yourself.


RH2 said...

Hope they find a way to animate all that data in real time, that would be awesome.

I wonder how big the files are for this demonstration ;)

reynante said...

RH2: Yup. Something like a character with all the detailed clothing animated in a scene.

I still couldn't fathom how this really would work out. This is indeed a bright future for rendering too. :)