Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Compiling Blender 2.5x SVN with Ffmpeg Using Scons

I did this in a Linux Mint 11 64-bit machine (Ubuntu 11.04-based).

At long last, my struggle is over.

Huge thanks to Campbell Barton and to Davis Sorenson for the patience and tips while I was in IRC at the #blendercoders channel (such a friendly place, btw!)

However, I wouldn't have made it through without the user who goes by the alias Cobe571.  Without him linking his guide, I would be stuck and would have to probably wait for better seamless support in Blender and ffmpeg.  It can really really be a pain to set all these up.  The last minute, I almost gave up and just decide to use the premade builds available at Graphicall (which are really handy if you want something out of the box).

Thoroughly, I followed Cobe571's guide over at  However, I had to do few modifications on my own since my system didn't recognize or was not able to execute some of the commands mentioned.  Namely, under the section "- Compiling FFMPEG in a non default path", I had to remove "--enable-libgsm" and "--enable-libdc1394".  Don't ask me what they are for, I personally don't know.  Then finally, when I executed Blender (from the /install/linux folder), it couldn't find certain library dependencies, in this case "libavfilter".  So I went ahead and did a "sudo apt-get install libavfilter-dev", and that did the magic! Now I'm able to run a Blender with ffmpeg support compiled on my system.

Many many thanks to you guys!

Again, I highly suggest you go over this page >

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