Thursday, September 15, 2011

Logo Concept with GIMP

Last week, after a Blender pressure from work, I was able to somehow extract my creative juices (just like how you would a ripe orange) and fulfill something I could at least be happy about.  Great timing that one of the groups over at Facebook that I am involved in had this call for a logo concept.  In an instant, I had this sudden burst: got a piece of paper and drew with my pen.  I didn't feel time pass by then, when I realized I was already exporting my final image with GIMP.

Anyhow, enough talk.  I just wanted to share with you this quick doodle I did and I'm hoping the Facebook group I submitted it to would appreciate my concept too.

"Lapis", by the way, is the Tagalog (Filipino) word for pencil.

The concepts I derived out of this was mostly letter-based and directly interpreted in our local language.

Let me know what you think. ;)


(click image to enlarge)


Jikz said...

lápiz is the spanish word, so that is cool!! I like the dirty BG mixed with the super clean logo!

Mir said...

Lapis means pencil in latin too, and so it is used in many latin-derived languages. Even in italian you can call a pencil "lapis", but it's quite obsolete. The logo is very nice.

Photo Editing said...

I can't believe that a logo like this can be made by gimp.