Sunday, February 5, 2012

Digital Arts California Stellar Art Award

This has got to be one of the greatest surprises I have received today!

Recently, I was invited by Digital Arts: California ( to participate in their upcoming exhibit titled "True Colors," I never hesitated on joining, tried my luck, and was very impressed by the jaw-dropping entries that has been sent, including those previous exhibit entries.

And just a few hours ago, I received an email from Digital Arts: California with news that I have been awarded a STELLAR ART AWARD. I am really dumbfounded and was not expecting this at all.

Thank you so much to Digital Arts: California for this wonderful opportunity. My personal thanks also goes to Bill Kowalsky and Ginny Christensen. I am very much honored and humbled.  Also to the Blender Community who have been very supportive all the way, a huge salute to you!

For more info, you can check out these pages and be amazed by the entries that have made it:

Digital Arts: California "True Colors" Director's Statement

Digital Arts: California "True Colors" Exhibit

Most important of all, thank you so much to Carla, my life partner, for the support, patience, and inspiration! ;)



Troy James Sobotka said...

So dull.

You getting an award for your stellar work is like someone waking up and suggesting that oxygen is good to breathe or that fresh vegetables are good for you.

Congratulations. Well deserved. Well earned.

No surprise. ;)

Reynante Martinez said...

Hehe! ;)

Your words always inspire me, Troy. You know I'm still breathing the phrases you once told me, and am living with it.

Thanks for your time!


Ross Tec said...

you should be on local news. this is BIG!!! Congrats reyn!

Martin Lubich said...

Very well deserved Reyn !

It is always a great pleasure to watch your work. And your distinctive use of colors and composition is now recognized.

Congratulations :)

lumina said...

congrats reyn!! such an achievement!!go pinoy!!

martin eschoyez said...

You deserve it, Reynante! Congratulations, man!! Un gran abrazo!

edi said...

Very nice work. Well deserved. ;)

Reynante Martinez said...

Thanks, guys! For the inspiration and all.

Gracias. ;)


Ate Joan said...

Congratulations Reyn! I am so proud of you. I see a future pinoy pixar :-) thumbs up! :-) take care always.. God bless. You've got talent :-)

Ymhon said...

Congratulations to you Reyn. Continue the good work!!!

Reynante Martinez said...

Ymhon: Thank you so much, pal! That means a lot, coming from you. :)