Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Inspired by my teaching period in one of the universities here in our country, the life in the barrios, the heart-breaking poverty that some our fellows are experiencing, and by the realization that many people and families would sacrifice a fortune just to get educated.

Conceptualization started late September and I'm very happy that this is finally done. :)

(click to enlarge)

Made with: Blender 2.63, Blender 2.64, Darktable, and GIMP

Rendered with: Blender Internal and Cycles

And I wouldn't want to leave this without making a night version:

(click to enlarge)

Plus here's a video showing the transition of both:

Thanks for viewing! I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments on this. :)



Greg Zaal said...

Nice work sir :) As always you've got the mood perfectly.

If you'll allow my critique - The sun rays suggest a very sharp source of light (the rays are detailed and focused) while the actual light is very soft (the light is blurred, the shadows soft). So to put my perfectionistic mind at ease, I'd suggest either sharpening the actual source of light, or blurring up the rays (the latter would be best imo)

Secondly, overall the texturing looks to have little hard-worked hand-painting gone into it. I know it's hard work and doesn't seem to be important since you achieve the mood without it, but if you're looking to push your skills technically, I'd suggest you give it a shot :)

As always, a great work of art indeed Reyn :) Keep at it

Reynante Martinez said...

Thanks, Greg.

Hand-painting textures will definitely make it more realistic, one way or another. However, on a technical perspective, I don't believe it's a leverage added as compared to other texturing stuff. It's more of artistic than technical.

However, with all that said, it does depend on what is the original intent, as far as the artist's vision is concerned.

Thank you so much for the valuable comments, Greg. :)


Brett said...

If the setting is the Philippines, then the walls should not be brick. They should be "hallow blocks". Some layers of paint, different colors, really fucked up looking - could help make this feel more real.

onjoFilms said...

I think it's pretty neat. Stories within a painting. Not many pieces of art I click on the find the story behind it or how it's done, but I followed this trail.
Not sure if I agree with the first poster on the shadows or not.
I like the volumetric light through the windows.
Nice work Reyn.

Dewald Swanepoel said...

I love the concept. Sad to think that for so many even a classroom in such a sad state would be a great privileged.

Great work.

I agree with Greg on the volume light being too sharp.

The geometry of the desks and stools are still too perfect.

The texture on the walls are too small(The bricks are too small).

The perfect straight edges for the wall on the left(Windows and top of the wall where the light is seeping in) is a little to perfect, it would have chunks of bricks and plaster missing in such a situation.

Those are tiny nit picks and the image does work as a whole.

Very moving art work.