Monday, October 22, 2012

Shading, Texturing, Lighting, and Compositing: Luke's Escape

Hi, everyone!

A couple weeks ago I was invited to join Project Luke's Escape, a short film about a young boy, his dream, and his journey.  Since then, it was one hell of an experience working with such talented artists! I've learnt a ton of stuff I couldn't have learned elsewhere.

Anyway, to cut my babbling, here's my latest progress on one of my assignments - Luke's room:

(click to enlarge)

Made with: Blender 2.64 and GIMP
Rendered with: Blender Internal and Cycles

I hope you like it! Be sure to check out what the rest of the team is up to and stay tuned with more updates from the film.

Project Luke's Escape website:

Thanks for viewing.

Until next time, see ya! :)


6 comments: said...

Hi Reyn,

Nice work ! Do you want to post this render in the magazine gallery ?

French magazine about 3D creation with Blender

ToddMcIntosh said...

Looks really good! Nice blending of textures for a unique feel.

The only thing that seemed strange is that the carpet seems to be floating over the floor. Just an illusion, maybe because of the lighting? Anyway great work!

Jose Garcia said...

Well this being very good. And I've been very happy to see the elements that contribute to the scene. As the war tank toy and bag of Luke and slippers to get out of bed. This being very good. The walls are something derroidas. But they are very strong with all that metal that laid him.

Greetings work first

Reynante Martinez said...

Thank you so much, Jose. -Reyn

Hassan Yola said...

hi Rey this a very awesome look result congratulation I love the mood :) said...

Hi Reyn,

The picture has been added to our gallery (right hand side) on

Thank you !