Saturday, November 14, 2009


I just got home from the cinema and it almost felt like warping through time, really, serious.  My skin still feels numb and I almost can hear my heartbeat.  I couldn't remember the last time I felt like this after watching a movie.  If you haven't figured out yet what I'm talking about here, it's about the movie 2012.  It was continuous goosebumps, I can't get my eyes off the screen, I can't breathe deep, I can't sit upright...  It gives us hope and a realization of the world around us.

I was just talking about a friend regarding a wild concept I've had where if only we could have a "reset" button to make everything start back to normal and order again, just like how it had been during the beginning of cosmos.  Right now I think we're filling up the cup too much that everything else just spills and goes out of order, if only we could empty the cup and start thinking again.  And this movie justified my concepts.

To the producers, writers, creators, artists, and engineers of the movie 2012, thank you thank you so much for giving us such a splendid and reflective movie! If I am to carefully see some flaws, I must admit there's nothing I've seen, nothing really.

Wonderful movie! A must-watch! 


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