Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Times Have Changed

I've been browsing on my old artworks awhile back and the feeling it gave me was a mid of joy and happiness.  I didn't even notice time pass by and I couldn't even believe I have made those pieces of art before, it's like skipping off time and realizing I am here now on the present time (or whichever you'd like to call it).  Just from reading my artwork descriptions alone gave me that sullen and lonely feeling of hope, struggle, and love.  I am so thankful to the people who've raised me up, helped me carry the burden, and just walk with me on the path.  One thing that this spur of moment taught me though is to just take things easy (which I always say but forget) and savor the moment for there's no telling when this moment would be gone.

Sometimes, I would want to go back in time, even just for a few hours and just check how everything was.  I wanted my mind to go back to that peaceful state of unity and harmony.

Anyhow, how I am now and what I choose to be is by far the greatest thing I have ever done! So I think I'll just rejoice! ^_^

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