Friday, March 18, 2011

Blender 2.5 Build Errors

And yet here's another rant on compiling Blender 2.5.

An hour ago, I decided to build Blender and get the latest updates from SVN. But at the end of the build process, I have been presented with an error message that looks like this:

scons: *** [/home/reyn/blender-svn/build/linux2/intern/audaspace/intern/AUD_C-API.o]
Error 1
scons: *** [/home/reyn/blender-svn/build/linux2/intern/audaspace/Python/AUD_PyAPI.o]
Error 1
scons: building terminated because of errors.

Does anybody have any idea what this error means and/or how to fix it and proceed with the build process?

You can check my previous posts regarding building Blender just in case you wanted to know how I built it.

Thanks for the help. ;)


I temporarily fixed the problem by compiling using Cmake instead of Scons. So far so good! I'm happy this workaround 'worked'. ;)


Sergof said...

The problem is that you cannot see the error message in your screenshot, you have to scroll up a bit.
As far as your workaround goes, I would recommend using CMake anyway. It's much faster and easier to use (You can use CMake GUI to configure, which is pretty nice if you don't know all the different options).

Anonymous said...

I'm not a coder but they have recently moved from python 3.1 to python 3.2.

tynaud said...

Cause of python 3.2, you need to add it via ppa :

And add this to the :

SUFFIX = "mu"

It should work with scons now...

(source :