Friday, November 4, 2011

Happiness (Cycles Render)

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I have read a few comments on the internet mentioning that this image is disturbing and inappropriate.  I could not blame them for visually judging it as such.  Some have even interpreted the image as it relates to drugs and such.

I am writing this update to clear the concept once and for all.  I, as the creator and my own beholder, should not, in the first place, be elaborating this creation in any of its forms.  But since I published it publicly, I believe I am held responsible in at least trying to convey the message blatantly, though I believe this would somehow stain the very reason that art is interpreted as is.  And yet, everything is an opinion, and I admire what other viewers have in their minds.

I created this image to portray 'Happiness' as how I see it around me.  I did not interpret it as the cheesy cute cuddly smiling teary eye type of happiness, that would be too obvious and senseless.  This emotion that I am depicting is the happiness that surfaces amidst pain, fear, and the like (shown through the syringe, since it's an object that some people fear from childhood to adulthood), amidst indiference, misery, and dogma (indicated by the monotonous uniform sad faces around our subject).

The image is trying to imply that no matter how difficult life gets, no matter how everyone else judges you for who they 'think' you are, no matter how painful your experiences have caused you, and no matter how bitter your entire life has been, you still smile and stay happy because that's the only sane thing left to do; to live a positive life and treat everything you're going through as just challenges and trials.

I am hoping I made everything clear now. ;)

"Living a life that matters doesn't happen by accident.  It's not a matter of circumstance, but of choice."

Yay! This is my first Blender Cycles render ever. It is so much fun to play around with, probably summarized by "joy > frustration".

I hope you like my latest artwork and as always, I'd love to hear your opinion on the image.  Thanks in advance!

Created with: Blender 2.60
Rendered with: Cycles
Post-processing: Blender 2.60 and GIMP


Arco said...

I don't really get the image. Why is the ball with the injections happy? And the others aren't?
In my opinion the ball with the injections shouldn't be happy because injections aren't fun :-P

Reynante Martinez said...

Arco: That's the irony. Amidst pain, size, indifference, and what not, 'it' chose to be happy, and the others stayed miserable and complaining. :)

Arco said...

Ah I see. Good one!

Anonymous said...

One thing is for sure.... Good art is supposed to stir an emotion inside of you and make you think about something a little bit differently than you did before. This render sure does do both of these things.

I particularly like how I came to several different conclusions about the meaning of this render over the coarse of the entire day thinking about it. Each with a completely different meaning. I sent it to a few friends and we debated about it during our lunch hour!

In some ways I am glad that the artist told us his true intended meaning. But in some other ways by him telling us it has taken away from the art and the viewer is not free to imagine all the different meanings on their own.

Thanks for such a great piece of art work. It is the first image in a long tie that has stayed on my mind for a whole day thinking about it.

Also, Cycles is great!