Friday, November 4, 2011

Sunshine Featured at Aniboom's Channel

Yay yay yay! Huge thanks to Aniboom ( for featuring 'Sunshine' in their Youtube Channel (  I really have to work harder on story development next time I create my short. ;)

Regards, everyone! Thanks again for the inspiration!

I believe someone just caught what I really wanted to imply with this short.  One user commented on this video over at Aniboom's channel and by far, is the closest to what I have originally envisioned.  To quote:

"this is what i think of the meaning:

you where given a heart (love).. but you will just kick it away like nothing.. (avoid,throw it ect).. and.. when ur about to do it.. something struck u.. more like a realization.. that.. what ever happens.. even if u hated it.. that love will always be there.. to calm u down, or even to guide u.. :)

in an easy way... its hard to live without love.... like... its hard to live without a companion.. :))



Adhicipta R. Wirawan said...

I like it... great rendering and nice story ^_^

Anthony Rosbottom said...

Great work, love the lighting.
I'm not going to pretend I totally get the story. The 'vibe' of the short is good though.

Unknown said...

Anthony: Thanks, man. :)